LESEDI was first dreamt about 5 years ago in the bustling streets of Mumbai by Harsha Prag. She was sitting in a coffeeshop watching the world go when she noticed that the people around her were comfortably combining their Eastern and Western clothing in really colourful, beautiful combinations.

She asked herself, “why don’t we do more of this in South Africa?” Why are traditional African fabrics reserved for special occasions? Why not wear them and celebrate African culture every day?

Harsha started playing around with some ideas but didn’t really have the courage to pursue them at the time. Fast forward 5 years and finally she took the plunge and brought to life the idea she had all those years ago in Mumbai.

Harsha Prag, Founder

The Lesedi ready-to-wear range of Shweshwe clothing is locally produced and made by hand.  Each garment brings together traditional African fabrics and the best of contemporary fashion in a playful way. Each item is designed to be comfortable, easy to wear and ready for any adventure, be it lunch at Gogo’s house or a playdate with friends.

Harsha’s Lesedi clothing line collaborates with local CMT factories and pattern makers.

Currently Lesedi is available online from www.lesedistyle.com as well as their Instagram page. Once the world opens up again, Lesedi will be expanding into retail stores – so keep a look out on their social pages for more information.

You can find Lesedi on:

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Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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