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I will never forget stepping off the plane at 3am in Egypt. A gust of hot air (30 degrees Celsius) took my breath away. Egypt for me was one of those destinations that I just had to go to and this is what we saw…

The pyramids! I was so excited to see the pyramids and they truly lived up to my expectations.

This picture of the Sphinx and a pyramid was everything! Hubby and I took so many snaps with this view.

…and the Sphinx was just as magnificent as it is on the TV!

Yes it really was as hot as you’d imagine. I felt like the sun zoomed in on you by using a magnifying glass. The vistas however – spectacular!

…and all the restored buildings

If you want to read more about my trip to Egypt, check back soon as I have a few stories to tell 🙂

Back in 2008 I discovered Booking.com, the awesomest way to book accommodation. I booked Europe, Ireland and Thailand accommodation through this website and even after shopping around they always have the best prices.

This time around I have booked all our Maldives accommodation through Booking.com. We are staying 4 star and not breaking the bank completely.

We are spending a night at the beginning and end in Male – because you cannot go all that way and not explore the capital. Then we are off to Maafusi and staying at the Kaani Beach Resort on a Full-Board basis.

This part is going to have you green with jealousy…

We will also be spending 2 nights in water villas – all inclusive. At R5,000 per night for the 2 of us, it is our 1 spoil for the last 16 months of hell and heartbreak.

What am I most excited about other than getting an amazing passport stamp? It has to be the beach, almost 10 full days of it.

84 days to go before we board a Singapore Airlines – and I am SOOOOO EXCITED. I have booked all flights and now just have to finalise the first and last day’s accommodation and then plan what and where we will be going.

I have actually bought a hat and scarf that is feather light. My husband has bought MORE boardies (and I seriously think he has more swimwear than me). We have dusted off the small suitcases gathered all the passports.

We are planners. Ok.

I would have loved to have visited my friend in Sri Lanka on this trip, but husband has Maldives on the brain and that is it.

I have a budget of R20,000 for all accommodation and preferably all meals…so wish me luck!


Maldives, here we come – indie travel style! I am not going to fly many hours, book into an awesome all inclusive resort where alcohol is served and I can walk around in my bikini. I will be booking us into a guesthouse on an island in a regular guesthouse where not all beaches are for bikinis – and we are going to love it. I will be taking so many photos that I will break my previous holiday pics record. Visiting the maldives will be epic no matter what.

My dear husband has accepted the fact that he will see the world my way – and never use a travel agent ever again – so do not feel sorry for him!

I have booked our flights to and from Male, Maldives and have identified where we need to stay the first and last night with the ferry operating hours and flights back to Johannesburg. I have also identified an island or 2 I would like to stay on and some of the outings, now I just need to book…

If you knew how crazy I was, you would not be surprised to hear that my packing lists are done and that we will only be taking 10kg cabin luggage each. I’ve even bought a huge scarf to cover up as to not offend any locals. High on my list to find still, soft cotton dresses that go down to my knees at least.

I will be sharing my planning on the blog over the next 3 months, so keep on reading about our Maldives holiday.