instax mini 8


Sometimes we are tempted to buy the cheaper of the 2 because we can’t see the difference – or it doesn’t matter because we want a specific colour. I used to have an Instax Mini 8 and although nothing is wrong with it I was just too happy to pass it onto my sister when I received and Instax Mini 9 – and this is why:

The Instax Mini 8 and Instax Mini 9 is so similar that you could easily think they are the same, but the Instax 8 was released with a limited colour range and without a selfie mirror or close-up lens attachment.

Key differences between the Instax Mini 8 and Instax Mini 9

Instax Mini 8 Instax Mini 9
Available in white, pink, blue, yellow, black, raspberry and grape Available in lime green, cobalt blue, ice blue, flamingo pink, smoky white
Can buy selfie mirror attachment Has a selfie mirror built in already
Can buy close-up lens attachment Close-up lens attachment included
Strap is a round rope Strap is a flat ribbon

There are however a few limited or special edition colours and cartoon model Instax cameras like the Instax Mini Hello Kitty and Minions.

Be on the lookout for my next Instax post with tips to take better photos with your Instax Mini 8 or Instax Mini 9.

If you are planning to buy the Mini Instax 8 you might want to check out this video:

To get see the Instax Mini 9 in action check this video out:

This video is a treat for all the Hello Kitty fans out there:

If you are a Minion fan…

I have seen the Instax Minion Camera being sold on Takealot on special for R799 marked down from R1189. There is also Minion themed film! It is all about timing when you buy…

I don’t know what I’m enjoying more – taking photos with the Instax Mini 8 or taking photos of the Instax photos. Finding the doors also makes me happy and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see the photos is just such a nice feeling.

When I first started thinking about doing the project I had a vague memory of my parents’ old Instamatic camera – and a few photos from my childhood. Then I got the Instax Mini 8 and it just gelled. The camera attracts attention and I get to take unique photos.

First there was the mosque in Midrand…

Then there was a wonderful pink door at Sherbet Angel Spa.

This was followed by 2 doors from Limpopo – Big Baobab Pub door and green door from the Pioneer House.

…and this was followed by the door of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

I think I have finally mastered the Instax Mini 8 camera 🙂

I am going into Joburg city soon to capture some of the historic doors that make up this vibrant city. It is going to be epic!