We’ve been using more of the JOHNSON’S® Top-to-toe Range for just over 2 weeks now and after doing the whole “beauty routine” for our 9 month old daughter we’ve seen an improvement in her skin’s condition.

Previously we’ve only used the Johnson’s top-to-toe baby massage lotion and baby wash.

Baby’s skin problems

In summer her skin was rosy and healthy. We took her outside, she even went to the beach, but then winter rolled in…

Suddenly her cheeks felt dry and looking closely at it, it looked like a tiny corrugated roof – and it was rough to touch. We tried different creams and lotions, some helped a little and others failed miserably.

Then we tried out Johnson’s top-toe-toe baby massage oil literally from head to toe and her cheeks’ condition improved 100% in just under a week.

Now we also use the Johnson’s top-to-toe extra moisturising baby cream – and I even carry a tube in my handbag for my own hands! Plus we now run the humidifier in her room.

Here’s why you should moisturise baby’s skin

Baby’s skin is more sensitive (and delicate) than older kids (and adults). Their skin is also much thinner and requires more hydration to keep it healthy and soft.

A healthy skin will help protect baby against bacteria and infection. Remember, it is a human’s largest organ and it is a natural barrier against external irritants.

When should you moisturise baby’s skin?

  • After baby had a bath
  • Just before bed or even after a nap

As a parent you can only try to do your best – and sometimes it is good enough.