I am probably more proud of these pictures than any other I have taken. Maybe it is the fact that it was of Maasai or that I sent them home with a token for their families…

The Maasai kept the Instax photos, but I get to keep these memories forever too.

I will never forget Fathima walking on the beach with just a month to go before her baby’s birth. The smile she gave when she thanked me for the photo she would be able to show her child one day ♥️

…and Stonetown! I wish I had spent more time here and could wander the streets to capture all the beautiful doors. I hope that I can return one day to finish this INSTAX photo project.

Plus when you take a bunch of photos you get to play with them right there on the beach 🙂

Oh and this is my black Instax Mini with its pink cover 🙂

I didn’t expect to see Maasai in Zanzibar, so it was a bonus. I first spotted a Maasai walking on our trip from the airport and then at the hotel.
The Maasai people, as you know, are known as brave warriors that would go as far as take a kill from lions. They are born hunters and learn to use quite primitive (but effective) weapons. Their traditional clothing always include red, but also some blue – and consists of 2 sarongs, a belt to hang their weapon from and sandals.
The first full day on the island, after we received the news of my father-in-law’s passing, I spent my time taking photos and chatting to the beach walkers. Then I met Ngulele, one of the Maasai. He noticed that I walked around on my own with 2 cameras and he stopped to ask if all was OK. I briefly chatted to him and expressed my wish to take photos of the Maasai at the resort – and asked if he could organize this. He quickly agreed.
That night I was sitting outside watching the sunset when he stopped to chat with me. He told me that he goes home once a year depending on when the low season is at the hotel. He usually only goes home for a month at a time. He said that most of the guys did the same and that we can take the photo the following night.
The following night they all arrived. The excitedly chatted to each other and loved that I specially asked to take photos of them. However, next moment one of the Maasai was snapping pictures while I got to be in the picture holding a traditional weapon. These pictures were taken after the sun set… so I’m super chuffed they came out so well!

That photo session with the Maasai, was the most memorable moment of the trip to Zanzibar.

After that I took photos of some of the Maasai (as I found them in daylight) with my Instax. A thank you that they could give to someone special at home.