Revlon Sale


I didn’t spent much on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Shopping has mostly lost its joy for me.

Revlon Sale

Rumour has it that the Revlon sale is now on until 20 December 2020.

  • 15 Serenade Road, Rustavia, Elandsfontein (it is in a building, not a tent)
  • 8 to 5 Monday to Friday and I’m not sure about the Saturday and Sunday times, but ususally they were open from 8 to 3 on a Saturday and to 1 on a Sunday
  • Only debit and credit cards accepted

Instax basement sale

1st ever BASEMENT #SALE this Friday, 4 December between 9am and 3pm

Fragrance Sale

The normal Marlboro fragrance sale is still on… online. I wasn’t too impressed with the prices, but maybe I am just getting old and forgetting prices of fragrances.

Twincare sale

The Twincare sale went online this year. It was on on 2 December but unfortunately already done.

Get all the details for the annual Revlon sale right here!

  • 23 August to 1 September 2019
  • 15 Serenade Road, Rustavia, Elandsfontein
  • Only debit and credit cards accepted
  • Take note of their numbers on the image if you get lost or would like to find out more

I went to the Revlon sale last year and… even though the prices were good, it felt a little far to drive for a sale from where I live. However, if you are close then go, go, go!