5 fragrance secrets from the Fragrance Queen

a journey with fragrances
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Did you know that you can wear more than 1 perfume at a time? Liz wears 3 perfumes at a time – sometimes, not always. It is a matter of trial and error to choose the right combination. Spray it on different sides of your body.

Are you in the habit of spraying perfume on your wrist and then rubbing your wrists together? STOP! You are crushing your fragrance and not giving it enough time to develop its fragrance on your skin.

What time of day should you be shopping for fragrances? From 12 in the afternoon, because then your sense of smell is at its peak. Spray on your hand/wrist, go for a coffee and wait at least 30 minutes before making a decision. Coffee acts as a “smell cleanser”.

Where should you spray your perfume? Your arms, body, behind your knees and even on your clothes but definitely not on your hair or décolletage!

Man/woman… or unisex? Men can wear women’s perfumes and vice versa. There is also now a move away from the unisex label to gender-free…

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A Fragrance Workshop to remember

I attended an Edgars Beauty x Fragrance Queen fragrance workshop recently.

Did you know that Edgars is the exclusive resellers for Viktor & Rolf (and a few other brands)?

Liz took the audience on a journey on time of fragrances that stood the test of time – and I’m looking at Chanel No 5, Angel from Thierry Mugler, Van Cleeff & Arpels First… We also experienced a range of new fragrances and learnt more about classifications from fruity, spicy, flowery and gourmand.

The Fragrance Workshop is truly an interactive experience for groups and is suitable for men and women to attend. So next time you see one advertised, book your spot!

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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