Ours is a classic story of IT guy that fell in love with the designer and somehow managed to let her slip through his fingers. Years later he found her on Facebook, sneezed at her big fluffy cat, ended up in hospital – but this time still managing to hold onto the girl. He then proposed, just to be dragged off by the girl to many far-off places and beautiful beaches. They still walk hand in hand after 6 years of marriage and he knows that no matter how sad she is, he just needs to take her to the beach and everything will be OK. The end.

March is the best month of the year. We celebrate our wedding anniversary and my birthday. It is also the best month of the year to be on the beach in Ballito.

Wedding picture beachWhen we decided on a wedding date we just wanted a good time on the beach, so we chose March and just to make it more interesting, we legally got married on the 17th. For the fun of it we got married again on the 20th on a beach in Mozambique with a drummer as our marriage officer. (Can you guess the nationality of my husband with a date of 17 March?)

For the past 7 years I have had a cupcake on the beach for my birthday. It started with a girls weekend away right after my long-term relationship ended back in 2007. Then from 2008, my boyfriend/now husband became my cupcake buddy. Sometimes my parents or friends joined us on the beach, but mostly it was just us. I look forward to my cupcake on the beach every year on the 22nd.

We don’t exchange gifts for our anniversaries or birthdays, we just plan our next holiday. Things can never be as good as the memories we make on our trips.



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