It is no secret that my all time favourite superhero is Wonder Woman, the daughter of Zeus that was raised by the warrior Amazons.

When she made her appearance in Batman vs Superman last year I turned to hubby and said, “When the Wonder Woman movie comes out, we going”. Well, the movie came out last week and we saw it the same day in 3D on IMAX.

It was amazing!

I’ve seen every superhero movie from both Marvel and DC comics. We are the people that don’t miss superhero movies… and somehow I married a guy that thinks Spiderman and the Flash walks on water 😀

Just to reiterate, Wonder Woman was the best superhero movie E.V.E.R. She is strong, fearless, relatable and just the best thing since sliced bread.

How could she not have had more movies like Superman or Batman?

The Wonder Woman character has had a TV movie… way back in the 70s. She hasn’t really been on screen in a series either – whilst Supergirl has had her own series, Batman and Superman has had so many movies I lost count.

I say give me more Wonder Woman. I’ll even buy the merchandise.

What to expect from DC comics

The Justice League! This is VERY exciting because the biggest and best of DC is part of this group – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman plus lesser known Cyborg, half man/machine.

It will be epic based on the Green Lantern, Batman vs Superman and Wonder Woman movies. There will be action, special effects and superheroes fighting villains.

Ps… if you didn’t know that Batman, Bruce Wayne, owns The Daily Planet where Clark Kent, Superman, works.

I don’t know why but for some of the strong male superheroes they created a female equivalent. Think Batman vs Batgirl and Superman vs Supergirl and oh a dog called Krypto.

Aquaman is the one superhero I don’t understand… maybe it is the fault of Raj from Big Bang Theory.

Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow is from the DC universe.

…but let’s get back to Wonder Woman

She is the perfect character to be a role model for girls. She has empathy for the plight of humans and is a fearless warrior trained by the female Amazons. She speaks multiple languages and is a true leader.

  • She has the beauty, brains and brawn.
  • She was first introduced in 1941!
  • She is Princess Diana of the Amazons.

If there is one thing I want it is a Wonder Woman Barbie, I’ve had the pajamas for years already 🙂


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