Have passport, will travel everywhere… if I had all the money in the world. Do you feel the same?

A while ago I wrote about how you can apply for your South African passport and ID online. Now I’m going to tell you what you need when applying for you kids’ passports.

Complete the online application for a minor. Choose where you would like to complete the biometrics (photo, verification, etc) and upload a copy of both parents’ ID documents. ( They also have an option if one parent is no longer in the picture.) Pay the R400 and wait for your confirmation SMS.

On the day of your kids’ passport appointment this is what you should take along:

– Both parents
– Both parents’ IDs
– All the kids’ unabridged birth certificates

When you arrive to the home affairs (at FNB or other bank) find the greeter to put their ID numbers in a book and get a number – without this even if you have an appointment you don’t exist to the officials…

They will first take a picture of the kid, then fingerprint both parents – and voila, you’re done!

Home affairs will send an SMS when you can pick up the passport/s.

How our appointment with Lexa went…

Not well, not well at all. The day of our appointment their system was offline. We waited for an hour – with – a – kid – that – got – bored. We eventually left after more than an hour with instructions to return another day.

We returned two days later. Second group through the door. Unfortunately my number 2 ticket didn’t guarantee us the second spot… oh no, we had to wait for 13 people to first get through their appointment… that took more than an hour.

Thank goodness I don’t have to take Lexa with when I pick up her passport!


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