At Childs Farm we know that the way you wash your hands is SO important, especially when it comes to drying your hands and making sure you moisturise afterwards.

Which is why we put together a little guide to help you and your loved ones stay safe.


⚽ After breaks & sports activities
🍽Before cooking & eating
🚸 On arrival at any childcare setting
🚾 After using the toilet
🤧 After coughing or sneezing
🏡 When you arrive and before you leave home


✔Rub palms together
✔Rub back of hands and in-between fingers
✔Interlace fingers and wiggle them
✔ Rub back of fingers with palm of hand
✔Grab each thumb and rub up and down
✔ Make fist and rub opposite palm
✔ Rinse thoroughly
✔Dry hands completely
✔Apply moisturiser

Using What?

Warm water and soap!

Did you know that tea tree oil has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties?

Our Childs Farm grapefruit and organic tea tree oil moisturiser is ideal for preventing hands from drying out after every wash!

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