Step 1:
Apply a light layer of Cream or Liquid Foundation with Brush #615. Add Corrector and Contour Powder where needed. Don’t forget to fill in the brows using Eyebrow Cream and Brush #220.

Step 2:
Using Brush #510 sweep Sunshine Bronzer just under the cheek bones and around the perimeter of the forehead to warm up the face.


Step 1:
Use Brush #610 to apply Sunshine Bronzer in the crease of the eye and the lower lash line, to create a smooth transition.

Step 2:
For added depth, blend Brownstone Eye Color into the crease using Brush #800.

Step 3:
Apply Bronzed Eye Color using Brush #350 to the center of the eyelid. Using the same brush apply Pixie Eye Color to the inner portion of the eyelid.

Step 4:
Apply Espresso Eye Color as a liner using Brush #210 on the upper and lower lash lines.

Step 5:
Finish off the eye look with a generous coat of Volumizing Mascara.


Step 1:
Apply a light layer of Just Peachy Lipstick all over the lips and top it off with a sheer layer of Bare Lip Glaze to add shine.

MUD products used in this step-by-step guide:

  • Sunshine Bronzer RRSP 550
  • Brownstone Eye Color Compact RRSP 339 / Refil RRSP 240
  • Pixie Eye Color RRSP Compact RRSP 339 / Refil RRSP 240
  • Just Peachy Lipstick RRSP 345
  • Bare Lip Glaze RRSP 270

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