I love toys that transform. It’s like eating an Easter egg with a gooey filling, you know something is coming but it is always an awesome surprise.

Yesterday (on my birthday) I shared the Surprise Cupcake doll on Instagram. I love the dolls, but I really like it when she’s hidden in a cupcake. It is just so much fun. Lexa on the other hand likes to get the doll out of the cupcake and whack me with it.

I have been sick for a few days, but I’m sure that it actually smells like cupcakes.

When the cupcake doll is in her “human form” you can even pop the cupcake top on her head to use as a hat. if you don’t think that is the cutest thing ever… we can’t be friends.

I know Easter holidays are upon us and I’ll probably see all the Vaalies down at the coast (not that I’m not a Vaalie too) but if you are looking to keep the girls busy on rainy days you are going to want these dolls.

Just by the way the Cupcake Surprise Princess Dolls have friends… check out my post tomorrow about the Gelato Surprise Princess Dolls.


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