I got a note on my door this morning… and you can read it at the bottom of the page. Here is my response, because “no name”.

Dear Neighbour that left a note on my door,

I feel your pain. I too have to work from home. I work between 8 to 12 hours a day, sometimes 14. Every single day. I also take care of 2 toddlers under the age of 4. Both of these are full-time jobs. I barely sleep.

Let’s just say it, China screwed the world. We would love to go back to what we did before. We loved sending the kids to preschool and they loved going there. We loved going on holiday or to go away for a weekend. We loved to go shopping as a family. We loved not being cooped up. We loved not being prisoners in our own home with two toddlers that are frustrated and full of energy.

Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, that a kind gesture or word to a parent that carries a load far greater than you, might be the cool thing to do? You might think it’s ok to leave a note telling me how to raise my children, get in line, because the government, journalists and every Tom, Dick & Harry also does.

Here’s the deal, if you sponsor a live-in nanny your problems will be solved. (By nanny I mean qualified teacher.) I don’t want to employ a nanny that has to come in with a taxi on a daily basis – because, Corona-time… 100% capacity in taxis… risk.

I don’t know what to tell you. I know that if you live in a complex like ours, you will hear your neighbours. When I was young and without children I also felt frustrated when babies screamed or kids ran around playing like hooligans, but I never marched up to a parent and demanded that they keep their children quiet. It was not my place.

Your neighbour that is just as sick and tired of everything

The actual letter that was taped to my door.

Jip, it got disinfected 🙂 This is the actual note.

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. wow! the nerve of your neighbour. They’re being highly inconsiderate. I’m so angry on your behalf

  2. We have experienced the same thing during Lockdown, just the one time but it was enough to peeve me. Your neighbor’s note was very cheeky and you’re definately not overreacting! I handled mine with a lot of what I hope was grace. Left it alone on the day and brought it up a few days later and as I’d suspected, she was just under pressure and having a bad day. People should be more understanding during Lockdown and send wine not complaints to their toddler parent neighbors!

    • It is the one time it would’ve been nice to have a village to raise a child during the pandemic… but it is the one thing we can’t have.

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