A couple of months ago I was so convinced that it will hurt if I used anything but my detangling comb that I gave away a Tangle Teezer to my mom. I didn’t even open it or try it. Then my mom, whose hair is longer than mine, also curly, tried it out. She raved about it and I felt a pang of regret giving the Tangle Teezer away without trying it out.

Well, here I am a few months down the line with a bright pink one. Just to make it a serious test I didn’t comb my hair for a day and had nice nests that usually has me sitting for 10+ minutes.

Husband just looked at me whipping out this pink brush and walked off laughing. I got the last laugh because I was done in 2 minutes.

I know there is a cheaper version at Clicks but I am really lucky to have received an original Tangle Teezer to try out. I’m considering buying another one to leave at our other residence because my hair is a lot worse after being in the sea.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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