There are perks to living in Africa. You are closer to the most amazing nature reserves and you have sunshine almost all year round.

We recently visited the Lion Park just outside Joburg – and did we get more than we bargained for…

We excitedly drove into the first fenced area with the young lions – the only vehicle in this camp. The lions all lay in the middle of the grassy area, spaced around a felled tree trunk. While husband was clicking away the cats raised from their resting positions and walked down the road behind us.

…and then one lion walked towards our car. It peeked into the back window like a naughty cat and before we could say or do anything the car got another passenger!

The lion walked the roof. The fear was real, a cat could break through the sunroof and land in the Subaru with us. We made a lot of noise and started to drive a bit to try and scare the cat off. Unfortunately his/her curiosity was greater than expected.

The lion finally climbed down the windshield and checked us out while standing on the extra long Subaru bonnet.

We were more than a little relieved when the lion was off the car and made a beeline for the next camp.

It is so amazing to see animals up close and personal, but I prefer seeing them in their natural habitat like in the Kruger Park – it makes it so much more special when you eventually spot one.

Yes… I played with the lion cubs too and fed the 2 giraffes!


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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