Have you ever been in a place that was just so ethereal that you just can’t get over it? Well, I am still in awe of the Modjadji Rainforest in Limpopo.

I grew up in the area and have been there before, but this time I took my husband. We got into my little Chev Spark drove down a mountain with sometimes a single lane gravel road and then up another mountain 40km down the road.

After entering the gates of the reserve you actually need a 4×4 as the road to the starting point of the hike is really badly maintained. Some places I feared my little car would be swallowed by the earth.

The view from the top of the mountain over the rainforest and valley is just spectacular. You can see the tiny houses at the bottom of the valley and the dense green rainforest.

What goes down, must come up

The hike through the Modjadji Rainforest is not for the unfit as the route will take you down more than 5km into the belly of the forest. The route is neatly marked with stone stairs.

Humidity and the thinner air will take its toll on you, but being able to see this majestic forest on foot will make the trek worth it.

About a kilometer down the route will open onto a platform where you can take spectacular photos of the stairs disappearing into the forest and another valley view.

What you need to know

  • The chances of you being the only person/s at the reserve are highly likely based on the number of entries I saw in the gate logbook.
  • Entrance to the Modjadji Rainforest Reserve will set you back R30 a car and R20 per person.
  • There is a picnic spot with braai facilities.
  • Take water!
  • Leave nothing, take nothing.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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