How much work can one little person be???!!!! Seriously Lexa is a whole lot more work than my 3 cats combined.

She now weighs a whopping 5kg – and wreaking havoc on my back and neck already. She is probably close to 82cm tall. She really grew like a weed.

Bath time before feeding time

Lexa has her own bath that fits into the sink. All very posh really.

Bath time is made easier by JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® liquid soap. It doesn’t burn her eyes and you can go from hair to toe in one stroke.

I am all for anything that makes Lexa not scream like a demented seagull…

Feeding time

We have switched from Dr Browns bottles to Tommee Tippee and feeding time is now not as traumatic. It used to be tears and big screams and plenty of wind – really disappointed in the Dr Browns bottles.

She does like to have a bit of a play during feeding. Sometimes she likes to smile just to let you know that it is now social time.


We have her in a good routine that works for us – sometimes she deviates from it but that is only if she had a difficult poo or wasn’t burped properly. She gets fed at around 2:30am, 7am, 11am, 2pm, 6pm and 9pm. Plus during the day she rarely sleeps now so at night she is exhausted to the point where she would fall asleep on the bottle. Just saying that trying to burp a piece of jelly isn’t easier than a kid that swings her arms in all directions.


Yes, we are planning to go on holiday with her soon – first the mountains then the sea. Pity hubby and I will have to take turns to swim. It is going to be interesting to cope without a nanny…


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