Pretville, not a town you will find on a printed map… but rather a movie (set) town. It is out by Harties in North West province – so just over an hour from Jozi.

We took the drive one Saturday as my sister wanted to check it out. It was interesting, but with a baby… not so cool. The town wasn’t really built for prams or babies running around… and shade was a bit scarce. However… it was a cool outing.

The first signs you get already forewarns that this is one quirky place and once you get inside…

…and then finally you get inside and its old cars, fake facades and bright colours.

… and if you really want to you can have your meals in one of two (repro) Cadillacs.

They even have a building filled with old movie and editing equipment. It is all big reels and tables.

I think my favourite thing of the day was this silly sign!

If you are out in Harties you might as well stop here. Kids will love it and you can let them run down a main street without the danger of cars.


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