I know some of you have been dreading the idea of this blog being flooded by posts about a baby… Well, it won’t happen. This is a blog about things I like and do – sometimes it will be invaded by kid things, but mostly not.

Thumbs up Beauty Fix!

So I know a lot of us received a Beauty Fix sample in the post a couple of weeks ago – and I finally used mine the week my cat was sick.


Somehow, when I have a crisis raging in my life or feel depressed I can’t find my facial creams and since I didn’t want to leave the house to buy more cream, I used Beauty Fix to keep my skin hydrated… while hunting for my creams.

I’m very surprised that my 2 problematic wrinkles (above my nose between my eyes and in the middle of my forehead) didn’t get worse. It actually looked better.

If you haven’t yet tried your Beauty Fix, this is how to apply:

  • Use it throughout the day to hydrate your skin (with or without makeup)
  • Use it as a primer before applying makeup
  • Spritz and use to blend your foundation or makeup

Where can you find it and how much will you pay?

You can find a list of stockist on their website, click here, and you can expect to pay R300.

Who else has similar products?

Dermalogica actually also has a few similar products. I have one of their big bottles and the only complaint I have it that the mist comes out as a torrential rain.

Moral of the story, shop around for the right product at the right price for you.

This weekend, while visiting Mpumalanga, I will be packing my Nimue Vitamin C hydrating spray 🙂

Beautiful things

On another note, I recently visited Stephan Welz & Co (the art auctioneers) just to see the Hindu Dancer by Vladimir Trechikoff.

This painting took my breath away. The colours were so vibrant. It is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. What do you think?

…and in case you have forgotten, there is still one competition live on the website. Check it out here.


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