I love doing posts about things that I love. Maybe you know about the goodies – or maybe you don’t and you get introduced to new things.

Design Team’s Love Doll print

I cannot get enough of this print. I have scatter cushions, shopper bags (different colours) and even a handbag with this print. I must be the biggest fan of this print – as even my husband knows that I love it.

If you told me tomorrow I could replace my crockery with new crockery that has this print I would probably do it. I am even contemplating having our bedroom couch recovered with this.

Bos Iced Teas

…and now their Sports Drink!

I am a creature of habit, if I find something I like – I stick to it. Getting me to try something new is like trying to make me go to the dentist. Lucky for Bos I was feeling dehydrated from fever and they happened to be handing out the new product on my way home.

Mixing something salt with something sweet

The best place in the world to eat popcorn and Astros as a mix is at the movies.


I love lipgloss. I am not a brandslut, as long as it isn’t sticky and has an amazing colour…I will use it and love it until it is empty.

Here is a secret about me – I just don’t like lipstick. I don’t like the texture and I don’t like that I have to check if it is still looking ok. It is just too much effort to aintain throughout the day.

Kauai Smoothies

Now that Discovery Vitality actually gives me something that I appreciate, I get to have lots and lots of smoothies. My favourite smoothie is an Acai Me. It is so delicious that I wish all Kauai’s had it (because my gym doen’t make them).

Not all pens are made equal

I have ALWAYS loved Parker Pens. To be more precise – Parker Jotters. I love their beautiful colours, the way they fit just right into my hand and glide across a piece of paper. They are just a step above an ordinary pen.

For really special occasions…

As you know, special occasions and happy moments have been few and far between the past few years – but I had this bottle of French Champagne and the top came off.

That bottle of Piper-Heidsick went down well high up in the Olyfberg mountains in Limpopo.

Buy Local

I love avocado on toast. I will even eat it as my main meal. Do not however put sugar, vinegar or anything but salt and pepper on it. Also, don’t try to pull wool over my eyes by adding it into a smoothie – it is a delicacy that should be the star.

This weekend I visited a ZZ2 avo farm in the Olyfberg near Houtbosdorp. The farm almost touches the heaven and it looks like a fairytale location.

Did you know that ZZ2 grows tomatoes, avos, onions and more. They farm in both the Limpopo and Western Cape…think how many people earn a livelihood on these farms.











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