Today I am supporting the campaign to create awareness for farm murders. And this is why…

I am a farmer’s daughter.

I grew up on farms on the border of Botswana and elsewhere. My uncle and one of his sons are farmers. My grandfather was a farmer. My mom grew up on a plot in a rural area.

I am petrified for my parents out on the farm. They are old, gentle people just a couple of years from retirement. When I can’t reach them by phone I immediately start to panic – I will dial non-stop and even phone the neighbours to go check on them… Once I was ready to drive the 450km just to check on them.

Farm murders are brutal and bloody

I can’t stomach the pictures from various attacks, so I can’t share them on my blog. However I urge you to watch this video clip by a murdered farmer’s friend who pleads for public support.

South Africa’s murder rate is horrendous – but the level of bloodlust and torture when it comes to farm murders are on a level you don’t come across in all murder cases.

These murderous criminals torture, maim and rape. Their purpose is not to rob or get food… it is to get rid of farmers. They walk around with pure hate and anger and commit premeditated brutal attacks on vulnerable families.

This is what I every South African has to realise, farmers are normal hard-working people like you and me. These horrible crimes leave scars – and we should all be concerned. They (farmers) are also not just white – we have hardworking black farmers that are also in the same boat.

…and this is why you should be concerned:

Farmers grow your food, raise the beef and chickens that you eat. They are responsible for employing people that support their families.

Without them we will have to import everything. Pay more for everything. Employees won’t be able to support their families. They will just become another unemployed statistic.

The government wants you to believe that these murders are nothing more than a small insignificant statistic. However, there has been more than 340 attacks this year alone – and 70 bloody murders. These criminals also sometimes go after the workers for trying to intervene.

Our government is not doing enough to protect the people of South Africa. Criminals are not behind bars, they get light sentences when and if they get caught.

I can only imagine the pain of losing someone in a crime so heinous… but to know that nothing is being done about it, makes it worse.

Today is Black Monday

Very important note…

Don’t get me wrong, violence, murder and racism towards any South African (or person) is wrong. Just like I don’t say that all people from a specific race are thieves and murderers – you can’t say that all farmers are white and bad. Every South African is important and we should look after our people.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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