To kick of the first week of 2016 – and work – I have decided to share some of the most amazing Instagram accounts that you should follow. Remember, I am doing a list in no particular order because I cannot yet get my list to follow my orders 🙂

Travel with these Instagrammers:

If you don’t know it by now, I love to travel. If I didn’t have a cat I would travel (I am sure my hubby would follow me).

    1. MySpace TomMySpaceTom – remember MySpace and your default friend Tom? Well, here he is exploring the world.
    2. IG_Naturelovers – I take amazing photos, but on this account you can see photos that are out of this world.
    3. Feel like you need colour in your life? Get ready to explore the world (and some other random things) with IZKIZ.
    4. Enjoy an endless summer with Gypsylovinlight.

I use instagram to research beaches and places before I make my final travel plans. Yes, I know what is outside the crop I might not like, but it is still better than brochures!

Foodporn on Instagram:

I am not a baker, chef or housewife, so looking at food is how I get my kicks. I can page through food pics for hours and forget about eating.

  1. Baking_Ginger – everything on her account looks scrumptious. It is just so depressing that I won’t get to eat it all.
  2. Close your eyes now and don’t follow DrizzleAndDip because you will be hungry after checking out the foodporn on Sam Linsell’s account.

Get spot on with these Fashionista Instagrammers:

I’m not a fashionista, just give me a surflabel and I’m good to go.

  1. Brett Robson
  2. Amy Scheepers
  3. Irina Doman
  4. Arumliliea or Leanne

I wish I could share every Instagram I surf on a daily basis but then I would do nothing else but make lists! If you still haven’t followed me on Instagram… click here and follow 🙂


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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