je vois la vie en rose

I couldn’t believe my luck when an invite for brunch arrived from KCC La Vie en Rose at Killarney Country Club…

As I sat down with the grey morning rolling over the lawn behind me, a harvest table caught my eye. The table was standing proud carrying what soon was to land on my plate. Side by side savoury and sweet complimented each other. It was a glorious sight on a rainy Joburg day.

I felt no need for pretentious manners and took a morsel from every dish once the pleasantries and introductions were done.

I wished the conversation would fade even further as I enjoyed bite after bite from the decadent harvest table. It was a melt-in-my-mouth moment and I wanted to savour every morsel of every bite. Staring across the table I smiled, their plates were piled high with treats from the harvest table too.

I wish I could describe every piece on my plate from that day, but I will stick to two. I will leave something for you to look forward to and discover on your own at KCC La Vie en Rose.

Lip-smacking excitement about a brunch

The cinnamon covered cannelloni gently gave a sigh each time my knife cut through its hollow centre. Every bite was just sweet and spicy enough not to overpower. It was a bit of homely decadence elevated – and definitely my favourite of the day.

Lightly toasted almond on a blanket of creamed cheese mixed with berries wrapped in a mini croissant – it was as good as it sounds on paper…

I’m going for “nog ‘n skeppie”!

If saying that I “cleaned” my plate from every last crumb is a testament to how much I enjoyed the meal, then believe me when I say I cleaned it twice!

Secret ingredient

I felt guilty just thinking about cramming all that deliciousness into my mouth in a few minutes while it must’ve taken hours to prepare in the kitchen.

They have secret ingredient hiding in the kitchen of course, an executive chef that is a co-owner of this delightful Johannesburg restaurant, Rony Muller. You can taste that great care and thought went into every dish served.

They have been in their current location for 4 years. This year in September they’ll celebrate 10 years of good food.

The way it should be

As I made my way towards the door, I looked at the patrons engaged in conversation, some with forks hovering between table and mouth, some slowly savouring the bite whilst listening to their companion. They all seemed to enjoy the ambiance KCC La Vie en Rose offers.

I can see myself for brunch with hubby or a high tea with my best friend inside or in the green garden. I could imagine La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf playing in the background (sung by Michael Buble even) while working my way through the menu. That would be the perfect, thank you.

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