It is no secret that I grew up in the old Transvaal that became the Northern Province…and then Limpopo. I didn’t have sea vacations as a child (well maybe 3 times), we went to the Kruger Park. We camped from Cape Town to Zambia – I didn’t know hotels existed until I left home.

This picture I took on an impromptu visit to the Kruger Park enroute from Mozambique. This picture is special because that bakkie is driven by my parents…and its not any day that a giraffe decides to cross the road between cars.

Do I have an obsession with giraffes or something? A by chance photo of a bird having a nice view from a giraffe.

This “little” guy got way too close for comfort – even though he/she didn’t seem aggressive, I don’t like to get too close.

When this happened… I was like let me pull my mouth from the floor.

I see you!

I sometimes wonder what they think when they look at us.

A bag a nuts!

Not pretty, but smart??

Stately buffaloes…

Still in my pajamas!

A feathered affair!

It is amazing just how quiet a herd of elephants can be…


Blood on the paws 🙁

It is always about the cats!

…and that’s it for this post!


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