Every morning we ushered Lexa out the front door for school and Lily had a meltdown – why did she have to stay when her sister got to go somewhere?? Like seriously, the world ended every morning dad and big sister walked out the door and down the stairs. Lily even made sure she was the one opening the door and the first one out… but I always scooped her up and kept her at home with me.

My heart beats just a little faster even thinking about leaving the baby with strangers for a day. It wasn’t this hard with Lexa, but she was 6 months older on her first day. Lily is tiny, like a kitten – and what if a bigger kid in her class makes her little temper flare?

I was glad that I wasn’t the one that had to drop her off at school, because I might’ve changed my mind and clung onto her while making a beeline for the door. I’m glad that I was the one that could pick the girls up from school on her very first day with an ice cream in hand for each.

  • Day one pickup Lily was crying because it was all strange. She didn’t know what was happening or why she was there.
  • Day two she didn’t want to leave. She just ran to the playground and refused to be picked up or to move.

Lexa loves it there. She loves the playground, the space, the activities, extramurals and her new friends. I know it is a great opportunity for them. I’m hoping little Lily will make friends and feel at home there too.

Lunch Box Diaries

The girls’ school is fancier than any school I’ve ever attended. They get breakfast and lunch there but we still have to pack healthy snacks every day with a water bottle. What I’ve realised while looking for lunch boxes with dividers (that do not have pieces you can pull out) is that you have to look so carefully at everything from the lid lock mechanism to the plastic and if your very awesome lunchbox will fit into a cooler box. It is a nightmare.

The girls get a yogurt, fruit, a healthy snack like dried berries (Safari Dried Fruits or Montagu) as well as biltong (they LOVE biltong) every day. On Fridays we can pack 1 unhealthy treat.


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