Last night my BFF, Ketna, dragged me to the Mimco & Glamour launch event in Sandton (not kicking and screaming I must add).

I had a lovely time looking at all the handbags as I never really stop in a shop long enough to look at more than 1 item. There was 1 gold bag in particular that I liked, but now that I don’t do a lot of formal events anymore it will gather dust.

Here are a few pics from the event:

Glamour & Mimco Launch Event

Glamour & Mimco Launch Event


Mimco handbags

My favourite Mimco bag
My favourite Mimco bag

It was lovely seeing another new brand believing enough in SA to open a store here.

To find Mimco in Sandton, just go to the upper floor near @Home and you will see the new store.

Just as an extra treat FoxBox was there to give manis and paint nails with Morgan Taylor. Be sure to check out FoxBox in selected Woolworths stores.

FoxBox with Norgan Taylor


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