I am not a domestic goddess and if I’m being honest, I probably will never win any awards for cooking or cleaning. However, I like to do my best when I do venture into hubby’s domain.


I recently got a few cleaning goodies from CHUX to try out and this is what I thought…

Lexa is at the stage where she thinks it’s funny to walk around and spit water everywhere. If she can flood a table… that is even better. Unfortunately, I have a lot of nice wooden pieces… So I tried out the absorbent cloth and it just sucked it all up. I just hung it up outside and it dried in the sun.

Chux Absorbent Cloth - South African Blogger

What I really liked was that they had different scourers and that it was colour coded. The green scourers, heavy duty, is perfect for those tough baked on dirt and grime. The blue non-scratch scourers can even be used on non-stick cookware – and the packet says they are dishwasher friendly!

Chux Scourers - South African Blogger

Something that is quite nice about Chux scourers is that they are angled, letting you get into corners.

The CHUX magic eraser impressed me most… We had crayon marks on the wall and I thought why not – if it gets worse I will paint over it anyway. Kid you not, this little sponge took it right off (and I have tried with cloths before). Just add water to sponge and make marks disappear.

Chux Magic Eraser

I’m not sure what the pricing is on the shelves, but I was really impressed – plus I didn’t scratch hubby’s non-stick frying pans (which is always a bonus).


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