I wish I had never wasted my time my whole life complaining to gynaecologists. If only one had bothered to listen to the symptoms I described, they would have been able to diagnose me – and possibly have saved me from this infertility journey.

Not a single gynaecologist diagnosed endometrioses – when all the symptoms I described pointed towards it. They rather prescribed “the pill” – even when I complained that it had no effect previously. These so-called specialists in female conditions could have flagged and treated this condition.

Every single gynaecologist gladly took my money and never ever really cared. Now I can never have kids without the help of a surrogate. I am so angry. I am contemplating protesting in their offices.

I eventually went to a fertility (or should I say infertility?) clinic after letting my husband talk me into “trying just a little longer”.

At the fertility clinic they just confirmed what I had always suspected and worse. My uterus might as well have been Mars. Endometrioses have literally made it the most hostile landscape with no possibility of ever sustaining a pregnancy. To top the news off, I possibly had very few eggs left and quality may be an issue.

I was devastated.



Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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