At the end of a very long and very fun day at Gold Reef City, we went to the new Nando’s at Gold Reef City Casino.

When I received the invite to go to Gold Reef City with the kids, I was hesitant. It has been 2 years since we’ve done anything like this – but it was time…

We arrived at Gold Reef City and picked up our PR goodies from Nando’s at Gold Reef City Casino. We put the entry bracelets on and drove across to the theme park with our lovely Coolers from Nando’s.

The usual queues to get in was absent and then we got to the Kiddies Corner… and it was us and a few families.

The kids ran to the rides and jumped on as if they’ve done this before. They were in the air on elephants and balloons, scooting around rails driving a little car and chasing each other with bumper cars. They tucked into ice cream and Coke with eyes fixed on the colourful rides.

Just before 5 we ushered the kids onto the train back to the main gate and drove to the casino for a family meal at Nando’s. We had Pregos and Kiddies burger meals – and it was the perfect end to our day of fun! It was a our first sit down meal as a family since March 2020 in a restaurant. It was perfect.

PS. Did you know that you can walk directly from the theme park to the casino over the road via a bridge? You can also reenter the theme park as you have an entrance bracelet 🙂

Thank you Nando’s for inviting us out and reminding me just how much I missed fun days out and sit down food out of home with my kids! And those coolers you send us off with, I’ll be back!


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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