I have to hang my head and admit, I was up at 3 this morning watching the Oscars! Woohoooo!

Gravity was my favourite going in, but I must admit I have not yet seen all the movies that received nominations.

Sadly, Leonardo DiCaprio went home empty-handed yet again.

Ellen DeGeneres’s star-studded selfie was the highlight for me (so many stars, so little space). Has it become the most retweeted selfie EVER?

My favourite dresses from the Oscars (in no particular order):

  1. Kate Hudson
    This is such an old Hollywood glamour dress – and I LOVE it!
  2. Portia de Rossi
    Really interesting detail and is just beautiful.
  3. Sandra Bullock
    I am not a fan of blue or navy, but the cut on this dress is classic.
  4. Kate Blanchett
    I can only utter BEAUTIFUL about this dress.
  5. Cast member from The Hunt (Danish film)
    I can safely say that this is the most striking dress I saw the whole morning. Love, love, love it!
  6. Charlize Theron
    Head-turningly beautiful!

Best dresses from the 2014 Oscars


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