I actually love buying presents. By the time it’s July I have 70% of all presents bought. My husband hates that I buy so far in advance “because I am cluttering our home with my insane hobby”. You know what, it doesn’t matter because when I give a present to someone I know that I have made an effort to find the perfect gift for each and every person.

If you don’t know by now, Mickey is turning 90 on 18 November this year! This means there will be a Mickey everywhere from about October to end December – and I am so excited.

I haven’t given Lexa my Mickey and Minnie Mouse pair as I want to give her a big plush Mickey that she can squeeze and love. Plus she already has her own Mickey charm from Pandora… and I have the Mickey and Minnie locket from Pandora. I admit it, I go overboard sometimes 🙂

So what can you expect from Disney this Christmas?


  • Plush
  • Games & Puzzles
  • Metals
  • Outdoor play

The good news is you will be able to choose from different sized plush dolls… so there will be something to suit your pocket 🙂

Miniature Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush dolls

Minnie and Mickey minis

Mickey and Minnie plush Dolls from Disney

Disney and dress up

Playing dress up is a fun way for kids to express themselves. The Disney rage includes costume party packs available in the following brands: Marvel Avengers, DC Heroes Boys, DC Girls and Disney Princess. (Plus… it’s going to be a little more affordable!)

Disney dress-up for kids

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