When a product smells ‘pretty’ we sometimes forget to ask if there is more to a product. Well, I finally asked… if Matsimela with its range of relaxing products and heavenly scents is more.

You will be surprised to find out that each of the colours in the Matsimela Home Spa range actually has a purpose – and I’m spilling the beans big time! And btw, this is not sponsored – I’m telling you this for mahala.

Matsimela Home Spa - Beauty Blogger South Africa

Red – Matsimela Red Berry

Did you know that the Red Berry range is meant to help you detox and slim down? The ingredients, which include horse chestnut and natural oils, is absorbed into the skin and helps to break down fat cells!

Pink – Matsiela Litchi & Rose

This is the range you want if you want to look young (almost) forever. The ingredients in the Litchi and Rose Matsimela products stimulate the skin to produce collagen! Did I just surprise you with the best news ever?

Green – Matsimela Ginger & Lime

The Ginger and Lime range is the most popular range from Matsimela during the warmer summer months. Oh and it will help to tone and firm skin (just by the way) – and you can thank the 40 antioxidants in the ginger.

This range also boasts analgesic properties – pain relieve. So next time you have a bruise and have nothing else… try using your Matsimela Ginger and Lime.

Brown – Matsimela Vanilla Sandalwood

If you had a really bad day at work or feel so stressed out that you just can’t deal with it – try Vanilla Sandalwood. This range from Matsimela has soothing/calming chamomile in. If baby is colic… this might also be the answer – just saying.

White – Matsimela Baobab Seed

I have fallen in love with this African tree long before anyone started making beauty products from it… but now I know that it is the most amazing tree in the world.

The Matsimela Baobab Seed range helps with healing scars, rejuvenates skin and has a natural SPF of 4!

You have to be on the lookout for the Matsimela Baobab Seed cuticle oil and massage oil… magic!

More things you didn’t know about Matsimela Home Spa:

  • Their scrubs are made from pure salt harvested from an underground salt lake in the Kalahari. This salt is very heavy, dense and full of natural minerals.
  • They have a muscle gel (for all those lovely injuries) with mint, arnica and eucalyptus that can be used to heal bruises faster, alleviate gout pains (which reminds me, I should get some for my hubby) and lessens joint pains.
  • They also have an Aloe range that is suitable for kids from the age of 10+ with charcoal but free from parabens and petroleum based chemicals.
  • Matsimela sources ingredients ethically, supports upliftment projects and supports local communities.
  • Where possible they try to use organic or natural ingredients.
  • PS… you should also investigate their beauty products. Prices vs results = 2 thumbs up.

What I like about Matsimela Home Spa is that you can buy direct from the people that make it – which makes it good for your pockets.

I have to add a disclaimer, because you can’t just lather up on a bunch of products and expect results. You have to speak to a treatment consultant at one of the spas that use the products to learn what to apply when/where and how – ok?


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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