CityKidz Pre & Primary School in Joburg Friday 1 Dec took delivery of 15 double-seater school desks made from recycled plastic. The desks were pledged by Extrupet, PETCO and AKRARA as part of the Joburg City Clean-up earlier this year.

The 15 double-seater desks, manufactured by Extruwood, weigh 68kgs each and can comfortably seat a classroom of 30 learners. Donated by Extrupet, Africa’s leading PET and HDPE bottle recycling company, PETCO, the PET plastic recycling company of South Africa, and Ashith Sodha of AKRARA, the desks – which look and feel like wood – are manufactured from the caps and labels of plastic bottles (that are recycled at Extrupet), and are virtually indestructible while being comfortable, low maintenance, durable, and portable. It is estimated that throughout South Africa, there is a shortage of approximately 300 000 school desks.

‘These desks meet a real need within the schools, but also demonstrate the importance of sustainable waste management, while highlighting the great value that exists in so-called ‘waste’ materials within a circular economy.’ Adds Janine Basson, Stakeholder Relations Manager for PETCO, “PETCO believes that schools are a critical platform for promoting understanding of important waste management principles, such as recycling, amongst young people and their homes. This is why we are so proud to be making this donation,’ says Chandru Wadhwani, Joint Managing Director for Extrupet.

Wadhwani and Basson are optimistic that other corporates will respond positively to this call for desks within schools, as well as citizens like Ashith who look for sustainable solutions when giving back to the community.

Concludes Wadhwani, ‘Other corporates can make a real and practical contribution to our children’s education and our transition to a circular economy in South Africa by simply donating desks like these to schools. We challenge Corporate South Africa to match or exceed these donations’.

Photo: Tania Krain – Deputy Principal & Chandru Wadhwani, Joint MD, Extrupet


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