Skin Health – the day I froze it off

A visit to the dermatologist.
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I live in fear of cancer – skin cancer, blood cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer – because I’ve seen what it does to a family. Every mole or new freckle I have… I watch them all like a hawk. You see, I’m in a race to do everything possible to stay healthy and alive as possible to see my girls grow up.

I recently went to a dermatologist to just have someone else cast an eye over my freckles, moles and “the things on my legs”. He didn’t seem to concerned about any of my multitudes of whatever I have, but I still wanted the things on my leg removed – just in case.

He said the liquid nitrogen would burn and may really be painful. I didn’t feel it, it was more like a mild discomfort. It looked horrendous, angry red, ugly and with a definite need for some serious ointment by the time I left.

The next day it looked even worse. The circles where the liquid nitrogen touched my skin was filled with liquid, the skin a yellowy sickly colour. (scroll to the bottom to see a picture)

I was lucky, the day before I went to a launch for DermaClinical and THOCLOR. They talked about the healing properties and showed before/after photos but you know, I have heard of a million products like that…

Since I got the THOCLOR GF2 to take home I started spraying that onto the leg wounds  – even if GF1 would’ve been the right product. It took 4 days for the brown hard scab to form completely. It was beyond gross – my husband didn’t even want to look at it. By day 4 the scabs were starting to lift, day 6 most of the scabs we off and all that remained were pink circles.

Nearly 1.5 months later and I still have scarring, but will be treating that with a new product from Optiphi.

Read more about THOCLOR here.

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The images below are not for the squeamish…

Day of and day after the dermatologist visit
The during treatment shots. The black writing is how I gross my sister out 🙂
Chest you can see a slight white are; right leg has 3 pink spots; but my freezing treatment didn’t take on the left leg;

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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  2. But the intention if you freeze off potential skin cancer – is to let it scab over. Drop off the problem bit.
    And only then start applying ointment.

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