I haven’t slept since 3:30 this morning. My eyes are burning but here I sit writing a post drinking a Cherry Cola.

Lexa weighs a whopping 8.2kg and is just over 62cm tall – according to the paediatrician. Today she is 6 months and 2 days old.

Now imagine someone with a bad knee picking up a moving human that weighs almost 10kg!

Baby milestones reached in the past few weeks:

  • She is holding her bottle – for a few seconds at a time in the right place!
  • She is now eating vegetables and loves my homemade version. Thanks Checkers for the pre-packed veggies I only need to cook and puree.
  • She chases cats while in her walker. The cats are not impressed.
  • We had to raise the walker height (again).
  • She is attempting to get into the crawl position. She still falls over.
  • Sitting upright is still only a second or 2.
  • The biggest thing happening right now for Lexa – she is teething. She chews on everything and everyone.
  • She talks (her own special language).
  • She is social and loves to get up in your face.

We also take her out for strolls every night. At first she looked at all the trees, skies and anything that makes a sound – now she is more interested in chewing something and falling asleep along the way.

The bad parts…

When you get home after a meeting and the nanny says she pooped so much that it came out her diaper onto the bed! Sometimes it is a blessing to have a nanny because if you want to see me run… show me that.

The worst part for me about all of this – the sleep deprivation when it is my turn to do the early morning shift. Husband is back after a feeding and a diaper change in 30 minutes and I get 1.5 hours or more. I blame the fact that babies think my face is like candy that signals fun play time or something.

I’m so damn tired.

Just to let you know what happens in the dark…I have this short video on Instagram. Enjoy!


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