Who has a partner that absolutely drives them up the wall about the bed or pillow they are sleeping on? I’m jumping up and down because my husband more than just drives me up the wall. He has bought several pillows because the pillow is too hard, too fluffy, too something else – plus now apparently the bed we bought not so long ago is just not comfortable enough anymore.

It drives me up the walls that he can’t just get on with it and sleep wherever, because I can. If I can sit or lie down on it, I can sleep.

I don’t know where people hear about my husband’s complaints or my irritation about his sleeping troubles but I got invited to check out a new technology at The Bed King to help you choose a bed that offers the right support where you need it.

You lie down on a bed in the Comfort Solutions Lab – whichever position you sleep in most – then the sensors in the bed feeds information to a laptop. It maps out your pressure points and based on your sleeping position and pressure points the software recommends a type of mattress. The sales assistant then can take you to the right mattresses that will offer you the best sleep and support – narrowing down your choices.

Getting a demo on how pressure points are measured to find the right mattress

I really wish they had brought this in earlier!

If you are planning on buying a bed all you need to do is visit your nearest Bed King branch and have your unique posture and support reading done in the Comfort Solutions Lab.

By the way, if you buy any Comfort Solutions mattress Bed King will donate R500 to The Children’s Hospital Trust! This is the third year that Bed King is running this fundraising initiative. Last year over R250K was raised and we’re on target to do the same now. All money goes towards upgrading the emergency unit.

About the Lab

Each Comfort Solutions Lab® is a spacious booth that includes one mattress with a built-in pressure-mapping sensor. The Comfort Solutions Lab® uses your unique pressure points to recommend a Comfort Solutions® mattress that will effectively support your body while providing it with the comfort it needs. Customers lie on the test mattress in their usual sleep positions. Once their pressure map is recorded, a screen displays the data and shows the customer where their unique pressure points are. The Comfort Solutions Lab® identifies two primary factors – the comfort level of each individual and the customer’s required support.

The Children’s Hospital Trust

The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent non- profit organisation established in 1994 to raise funds to support specific projects and programmes to help advance child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. It’s a topic close to Bed King’s heart as they strongly believe in children as the future of South Africa and the option of quality healthcare. Money raised will go directly towards upgrading of the emergency ward.


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