How do I tell kids under 4 that mommy is too scared to go out because what’s out there could kill you – and it came from a country where human rights aren’t as important? How do I explain to 2 toddlers that someone ate a bat/other exotic animal, that there are disgusting markets and that the government of that country let the virus escape – infecting more than a million worldwide?

I’ve told the 3-year-old that there are sick people while showing her how to wear her mom-made facemask. I’ve shown the 1-year-old how cute she looks in her mask, but she tried to stick the food right through it.

How do I tell my kids’ pre-primary school that I still work fulltime and that paying for school, having no help (and still paying her as well) and getting a barrage of DIY school your children from home in my confined home with no garden is just too much? I’m thinking it would be better in jail than to be cooped up because some country couldn’t keep it clean. Like seriously, I sent the kids to school so I could work. I long to make a break from my third floor balcony, jump a fence and go hide in the trees just 50m from my home. I want to get the ^&&^& out of my house without fearing for my life! I want to hear South Africans talk – in all the languages we have. I want to see humans interacting, sharing a meal, having a moment with each other.

Mentally I’m fine. Dealing with 2 kids that are fed-up with staying indoors and trying to maintain my workload is going to make me jog through north Africa, swim an ocean and go kick that country’s ass. I am red hot angry.

While we are prisoners in our homes they are profiting from the pandemic. They are sending care parcels to Africa – but what will it cost us?

Maybe we should all go back to this…


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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