Christmas has always been one of my favourite times of year (the other being my birthday). I love seeing my really extended family (my father has 5 siblings and they have 14 kids; my mother has 4 brothers and they have 10 kids; I have 1 sister – almost all the cousins have kids…just 4 + me without) and spending Christmas day with my only living grandparent 300km to the north of Joburg. We have a regular Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, including 5 different meats, salads, lots of starches and a lekker vet pudding or two.

This year however, my Irish husband and I will be spending our Christmas with our 3 cats in Ballito (and an afternoon visit from his parents) as we are taking my parents to Mozambique in January – and my gran is visiting with one of my aunts.

Thanks Megan Kelly Botha for adding me onto your tag – now I miss Christmas at home in the old Transvaal. Read @BeautyBlog’s post on this tag here:

  1. What is your earliest Christmas memory?
    Christmas with my dad’s side of the family on a farm – and picking watermelons the day before Christmas.
  2. What one toy/ gift can you remember through out all your Christmases?
    A blue sewing machine from somewhere before primary school. It also is the worst toy ever… its needle went through my index finger in grade 1.
  3. What do you/ your family usually do to celebrate Christmas?
    The whole family gets together – including the Ouma, aunts, uncles, cousins and their spawn.
  4. How many days before Christmas does your decorating start?
    I don’t decorate for Christmas as we migrate between houses in different provinces.
  5. What is on your favorite Christmas menu?
    Ovenbaked potatoes with thyme and sea salt
    Chicken with thyme (I don’t eat red meats or pork)
    Tomato & avo salad (please do not add fruit!)
  6. What traditions will you continue on with your family (or future family)?
    Family on Christmas day and watermelons.
  7. Can you name Santa’s reindeer’s names? (without googling??)
    Do I look like Google? I know Rudolph, Blixen, Donner.
  8. It’s 5am on Christmas morning where can you be found?
    Sleeping dammit.
  9. Did you ever sneak a peak at your Christmas pressies when you were younger or now?
    When I was younger I searched for my presents, peak inside and closed it nicely. I don’t like to be surprised.
  10. What would you love to get this year for Christmas?
    Good health for my 13 year old cat. That would be the most amazing present. I will settle for a card if there are no miracles available.
  11. What does Christmas mean to you?
    A time to make others happy and spend time with family. I’m not religious, but I observe the religious aspect of it too.



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