Acne Treatment


Have you ever had such a bad day that you stuffed your face with anything within reach – and the next day you have a breakout of note? It still happens to me!

The times I have a product to test that will address my skin problems, I am happiest. Previously I have written about BaoCare Radiance and its quick “rejuvenation” of my skin and today I’m talking acne/zits/karbonkels/the eew stuff.

I know the power of baobab oil, but when it is combined with tea tree, calendula and evening primrose you have a host of anti-microbial properties in one concentrated product. BaoCare Acne contains high levels of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid used in the biosynthesis of prostaglandins which in turn sends chemical signals that summon white blood cells (Source: Wikipedia) that helps to balance sebum (icky stuff) production. I sound pretty smart now, right?

BaoCare Acne has a pleasant, soft fragrance and is gentle on the skin. For best results I would recommend applying it twice daily after cleansing. Because it contains tea tree oil, avoid sensitive skin around the eyes.

Is it worth the buy?

Yes! I would never hesitate in recommending BaoCare products. They even have it in a small 10ml size if you would like to first try a little before spending the big bucks.

My breakout (which can turn really ugly) subsided within 24 hours. I’m still treating it with BaoCare Acne to have no return breakouts.