The last thing I want to think about… diaper rash – It’s a kind of #PampersAirMagic

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Last week Thursday I dropped my husband off at hospital. It is almost a week later and he is still there. I have barely had time to do any work, let alone write a blog post. I feel overwhelmed and developed a cold from being so run down… the last thing I want to have to worry about is a baby bum or diaper rash (on top of no sleep and no time for myself).

We first bought Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic with “2 Air channels” in December as Lexa suddenly developed an extremely bad diaper rash and no cream worked. We literally went into Dischem to see if we could find a diaper alternative. When we first unpacked the newly launched Pampers our first thought was that the diaper was quite thin compared to her old diapers – but diaper rashes make you try pretty much anything – am I right?

Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic with “2 Air channels”

PampersAirMagicMomentIt is important for companies like Pampers to be innovative and not just rest on their tried and tested formulas. I know that with the launch of #PampersAirMagic #PampersAirMagicMoment Air Channel in their Pampers Baby-Dry range Pampers has established a new standard of excellence.

If it wasn’t for this campaign I probably wouldn’t even have thought about checking what makes this diaper different. Now I know…

Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic with “2 Air channels” allows air to flow directly to your baby’s bum, for breathable dryness. #PampersBabyDry has been specially designed to distribute wetness evenly from front the back across nappy and lock it away even better allowing your baby to enjoy up to 12 hours of dryness.

  • Airflow directly to baby’s skin eliminates hot and moist skin that can cause rashes.
  • These Pampers nappies are less bulky and don’t sag giving babies and toddlers a little more comfort and freedom to move about.
  • They also sport anti-leakage barriers to help prevent those little accidents leaking out.
  • The innerlayer has micropearls that are able to absorb up to 30x of its own weight and help lock away wetness for up to 12 hours.
  • It also has a dry layer that absorbs the wetness and keeps it away from baby’s bum.
  • Smaller sizes also have a wetness indicator.

Find it on the shelves

I know that not all babies have the same urine pattern, but find a diaper that works for your baby’s bum health, after all nobody wants to have to deal with diaper rash and an unhappy baby.

If however you want o try this out, look on the Pampers packs for these symbols:


This is a paid campaign and I have received product to test – however, Lexa has been wearing Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic with “2 Air channels” since December 2018 already. #ad #sponsoredpost

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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