I never really write about Lexa or how she is doing, but sometimes I wonder who will tell her of all the things she got up to if I’m gone too soon.

We have all had the superbug going around. It was quite hard with all 3 of us sick at the same time. We would just sprawl out on the couches and she would destroy the house. However, she did keep little Sandton on the staright and narrow by telling him NO when he jumped on the other cats or sharpened his nails on the furniture.

International travel

I get asked quite a lot if Lexa was a pain on the plane when we went to Reunion Island. The simple answer is that she was actually a pleasant traveller. She loved looking out the window, didn’t scream once and played her little heart out.

She didn’t like to be clipped in on take-off or landing, but as soon as she was unclipped it was all good.


Lexa now goes to play school twice a week. It takes 5 minutes to get there and then I sit in a coffee shop for 4 hours before picking her up.

In the beginning she didn’t want to stay when I dropped her off, now she runs in. In the afternoons she jumps into my arms.

She seems quite happy when at school – I do sneak up on her to catch a glimpse. Plus the “artwork” she brings home is quite entertaining. The teacher mentioned she made a BFF – can that even happen at their age?

At home

We have huge lounge furniture and Lexa moves the 2 and 3 seater couches around. Our house is now pretty much bare due to her hulking abilities – and also because she climbs on everything to pull down anything she can get her hands on.

We do not trust silences anymore – and definitely not when she runs to her room and closes the door behind her.


It speaks! Lexa understands a lot, but her own speech is still limited. She says:

  • Dud for dad
  • Tan for me
  • Tanton for Sandton
  • Kitteh for all those naughty black cats I have

She also has non-verbal communications that involve asking for my bangles and rings. It is hilarious! Her little arm goes up to eye level with her hand bend towards the ground for bangles. For rings she adds an outstretched index finger.

Lexa is quite a happy kid and hopefully she stays that way with a younger sibling on the way.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. Leandra Krige Reply

    Younger sibling on it’s way???? Eeecckkk is it what I think??? Congratulations!! Amazing news x x

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