This part of the review talks about the creams, (s00n the acne treatment) and face mask. You can read part 1 of the Oolala Collection review here.

Oolala Collection Day Moisturiser with SPF15

The most important things I look for in my day cream is that it should have an SPF, get absorbed into my skin and be a good companion for my make-up.

The Oolala Collection day cream has a nice consistency that doesn’t linger on your skin after application. After about 20 minutes I saw an improvement of fine lines around my eyes.

The day cream is suitable for all skin types and is unisex.

Oolala Collection Hyaluronic Serum Moisture Boost Day

I loved this serum! It is packed with oils such as grape seed, sweet almond, jojoba and tea tree and yet it feels so light on my skin. It makes a huge difference to how my skin looks and feels.

I applied the Hyaluronic serum and gave it 5 to 10 minutes and then applied the day cream over it. You can use it as a standalone product from any other Oolala products as it is still effective under any other day cream.

Just a note on the oils… if you look at what each of the oils do on their own you have an antioxidant from the grape seed oil that will fight free radicals (that causes premature aging) and jojoba which is a moisturiser. Check out the ingredients in Oolala’s products – because that is what sets it apart from other skincare products.

Oolala Collection Colloidal Silt Ultra Mud Mask

This is going to be the shortest ingredient list you’ve ever seen… water and silt. That’s it. However there are trace minerals including colloidal silver, calcium, magnesium, iodine and boron in the silt. I think the colour of the mask is mostly derived from the iodine… and no, it doesn’t stain your face.

I didn’t check out the ingredient list before applying on my face – and it turns out that I have an allergic reaction to iodine. I didn’t know, because most medical practices now use an alcohol-based disinfectant that you pop out of a little square tear-apart

I used the hyaluronic serum to get the inflammation under control.

My neighbour tried it out, she loved the Silt Mud Mask and had no negative reaction to it.

…and I’m still waiting for the review from a new contributor to my blog, but will update as soon as I have it 🙂 She and her dad is reviewing a product each for me.

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