The truth is I’m feeling lost. I miss my mom. I need to clear my head and the only way I know how to do that is to travel. We have one trip coming up this December, but I need one of those chaotic (not chaotic, but rather action-packed) trips that I’m known for.

December is all about my family this year. Taking Lily on her very first real holiday with a big sister that is water mad; adding in my dad, sister with her hubby and the 2 teenage cousins. It’s a family holiday we used to have regularly as kids with my parents – and we are just recreating our childhood with our own kids.

I can’t wait to create family holiday memories with my kids! Going from “you’ll never have your own” to having 2 of my own is kind of a big deal.

…but back to that trip that I so desperately need, for myself.

I planned a trip to Morocco last year, had the invoice in my hands – and then my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was a knee jerk reaction to cancel all plans that could take me away from her. Now I need that trip more than anything.

I need to clear my head and be a nomad for just a little bit again.

This heart of mine was made to travel this world


I want to walk through the bustling streets of Marrakech, drink in the blue of Chefchaouen, admire places like Fes and Rabat, chase seagulls in Essaouira, sleep in the desert and maybe even see the Morocco meteor shower in December. I want to stuff my face in Morocco with every flavour and drape myself in a cultural experience. Ag, how I dream of this place!

Why this obsession to travel and explore Morocco?

Morocco has always been this magical place at the top of Africa where the colours are brighter and the people are different.

Morocco Tours that I’m looking at right now:


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