I am very conscious of the hours I spend on the road, so when I had to take my car for a service and was faced by Uber costs and almost 4 hours on the road I was not too keen.

I dropped my car off in Jozi City (eeeeeek!) and decided that I’m going to try find a desk on short notice. Most of the hot desk offices only supply an email address and form to enquire – and one of those phoned me at around 1pm. However I found QSL on 44 – with a number – as it is part of a hotel.

They had space and I caught an Uber. I got the grand tour on arrival and set up my desk. I fully expected a full office, but I struck it lucky as most people were sitting upstairs. I had the run of the downstairs hot desks!

The office space has a small kitchen and chill area – but most importantly, it had a view and was close to a place that sells food.

For lunch I popped on over to 44 Stanley. I had a quick bite and then returned to the desk until my car was ready.

I don’t like to drive places to go work, but if I ever feel like the walls are closing in I will definitely try out more spaces with hot desks.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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