Blogging (and freelancing) isn’t always glamorous and fun, sometimes you are on the road so much to get to events, destinations or meetings where you have to be ready to take photos, make notes and dazzle people – that what you carry with you, matters.

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For me it is important to always present myself as a professional. I have my laptop for the times I need to present work to clients, a beautiful Parker pen with notebook for action points and notes – but what I carry it all in matters too. I like to look effortless but with taste and I like to carry bags that represent who I am as a person. I love bags that are functional, but shows craftsmanship, originality and will cope with my travels.

I’m planning to take along a small laptop when we travel to Reunion Island next year (shock horror!) because I want to blog at night when the kid, hubby and my parents are asleep. It will be 2 weeks of travel so I don’t want to forget anything and you, my reader, miss out on something that could’ve made your next trip a little more exciting.

What bag will do?

I know all laptops come with the standard (blah) black nylon bag, but that isn’t for me. It just doesn’t reflect me as an individual. I want something durable, something locally made, something… awesome.

So this is what I have my eye on, a bag from Tsonga.

TSONGA laptop bag - leather, made in South Africa

Tsonga only uses the finest leather, promises handcrafted products 100% Made in Africa – all from the heart of the kingdom of the Zulu. A company with heart that empowers our people by encouraging them to ply their craft and create shoes and bags that proudly bear an elephant as emblem.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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