I’m positively certain that you are going to love me after reading the good news from Tsonga. I have news of Christmas specials, a discount coupon and when the last day is to order for a guaranteed delivery before Christmas…

If you don’t know about Tsonga, you are missing out! They are a home-grown brand from the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg) and make beautiful shoes, bags and more. I’m too scared to start telling you about the craftsmanship, because I might not be able to stop, but the hands that cut and stitch everything are hands of people that know the African sun (so you know it is good).

They have given me a 10% discount coupon to share with my readers. When you do your checkout apply the coupon TSONGAGODDESS for 10% off your online purchase! You will have to hurry this coupon expires on 24 Dec 2017 at 23h59.

…but wait, it gets better. There is also a Christmas sale happening on the website. However, if you want delivery in time for Christmas you will have to place your order by 13 December 2017 (tomorrow). They will be sending out the last parcels on the 19th of December and then only again from the 8th of January 2018.

I have decided to maybe spoil myself with a new pair of shoes from them, so I am placing my order as soon as I decide which colour. I have huge feet so I want to get in before anyone snatches what I want. But I am a nice person and will share my great gift picks from their website.

Passport cover for the traveler in your life: R169

For the little one in your life… a Shwe Shwe giraffe, elephant or rhino handmade by Toy Project. This is a skills and employment initiative for women in the picturesque Little Karoo and Garden Route of South Africa. Each toy is 100% handmade and unique using little more than a needle and thread, with each reflecting an individual style and personal expression. They are R399 each.

Tsonga---Shwe Shwe

What I have learned since owning a pair of Tsonga shoes is that not all shoes are created equal. There is a huge difference in the softness of leather over your feet and that a well-made sole can let you walk further. When this finally sunk into my brain I realised that if I invested in quality products I won’t have to keep buying shoes… So, my top picks from Tsonga are these shoes… (they start at R455 on the Christmas Sale)

I can’t really wear high-heels too much anymore due to an old knee injury, so when I have to look a little more put together for meetings and nights out with my friends I still keep it low to the ground. Just look at those red shoes!

Not all gifts have to be expensive, sometimes it can be something small – and depending who you buy for (yourself, the wife, mother) you can push up the price point to what suits your budget.
From left to right: ELE purse at only R159, Nwabisa at R699, Kwenzi at R1999 (that is me walking through Sandton lol)

Tsonga handbags and purses

For the man in your life… if there is one thing I learned about buying for a man it is that finding something for hubby is the most difficult thing in the world. I have had to return so many gifts for him over the years that I now know that he doesn’t like certain styles combined with certain colours, it is insane. Luckily there is a nice selection available on Tsongo’s website and I can just make hubby and bro-in-law browse and let me know which they like.
From left to right: Leefa at R450, Juza at R699, Spoko at R1199

Tsonga gifts for men

Whatever you buy this Christmas, buy local.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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