I will never be the person that says my BAE or it is AF something or ON FLEEK. Those aren’t real words – and I like my words. I do however like to use words like WANDERLUST and Lekker. (Now those words are mos lekker, jy weet.)

You don’t have to travel far to see spectacular monuments and attractions, because right next to Pretoria is the Voortrekker Monument. It is an architectural wonder that will have you taking photos like a mad person.

Back to this wanderlust thing…

Pretoria is just over the river past a few hills, but actually going there requires a shift in driving habits, remembering to speak Die Taal in shops and restaurants and relaxing (we Joburgers are different, we are always switched on).

Pretoria has 2 of my favourite architectural beauties, the Union Buildings and Voortrekker Monument. If you give me a day and a camera I will come home with hundreds of photos of these two places.

Just the other day we popped over the border to the Voortrekker Monument (again) and it took away my breath (again). No matter how many times I see this marvellous building, I get goose bumps. Its sheer massive presence dwarfs everything I have seen anywhere else in the world. It is such a strong building that tells a story so passionately and beautifully.

In the belly of the building massive arch stained windows illuminate the stories on the walls. Stories of a people that left for the unknown in search of a future that helped build the ZAR and saw a president as loved and respected as Paul Kruger.

Then there is the cenotaph that only on 16 December gets hit by the sun… all it says is “ONS VIR JOU SUID-AFRIKA”. A simple promise made by simple people and still observed by many.

The views from the top of the building is spectacular, you can even see the Union Buildings. However – don’t forget to take a photo of the arches.

There is a secret view that you would want to see – if you can stomach heights. Prepare to climb the last stairs to above the dome. You will have the most spectacular view of the cenotaph way down below.

The Voortrekker Monument humbles you. It feels like a place where you can sit and quietly drink in the many stories on the wall. It is a place where you realise just how small you are.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful attractions in Pretoria! So much history. 🙂

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