You know something will be going wrong as soon as something good is happening to one of the characters in Walking Dead.

Daryl hinted at Beth that it is she who makes him think that there are still good people left- but the hint was accompanied by a stare that spoke volumes.

Beth kidnapped

After Daryl and Beth started getting comfortable in the house near the graveyard, the zombies came knocking. Daryl courageously fought and told Beth to get her sh!t and run. As Daryl gets outside a black car speds away and Beth’s backpack is sprawled (abandoned) on the road. Daryl chases the car, but soon lose the trail.

Crossbow Gang

As Daryl sits in the middle of a crossroad pining for Beth he is discovered by a gang of crossbow wielding men and joins the gang.

Maggie, Sasha & Bob

I guess it is hard to have a plan when you are hungry and tired, but this trio should really start thinking. All Maggie wants is Glen; Sasha would probably sacrifice anyone and everyone to stay safe; Bob is a sad loner who would follow Maggie anywhere – he is in love with Sasha.

Questions after this episode

  • Who took Beth?
  • Are the crossbow guys that picked up Daryl the same ones (home invaders) that Rick, Carl and Michonne ran into?

Who will get to Terminus first – Maggie or Glen?


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