Eating habits

I am a fussy eater. I don’t eat anything that looks at me or still has blood oozing from it. I also don’t like cheese on my chicken or sweet chicken. I do not eat meat floating in sauce (like chicken-a-la-king) or meatballs thanks to being in a boarding school.

My favourite sandwich is a buttered roll with a mixed salad leaf layer and crisps – Simba or Willards crinkle cut chips. I introduced my husband to this sinfully delicious way of making sandwiches and now it is our go-to road trip food.

Toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches…and pile on those onions. Add salt and pepper and give me black coffee and I’m happy.

Fried onion sandwich – no, it’s not a joke, I love fried caramelised onions on a slice of bread. My dad will eat an onion like it’s an apple, so don’t judge me.

Fried slices of pap. If you haven’t ever taken leftover pap and cut it into slices and fried it like a burger patty you haven’t lived. It tastes like salty popcorn – but better. Nothing about it is healthy, but nothing tastes better.

My late night, quick snack go-to is a plate of Salticrax crackers with a mixture of Marmite & margarine with grated cheese.

I like pizza with avo, pineapple, olives and even broccoli.

Do not put mayonnaise on anything that ends up on my plate. I will scrape it off and the blobs of mayo will gross me out. I do however like the pink Spur sauce that has mayo in it.

I also do not eat sushi. My cat didn’t eat raw fish and neither will I – ever. I will however eat vegetarian California rolls. Please dip your raw fish in your own sauce.

I also hate salty carrots and peas. If nature intended for them to be salty, they would’ve been like that naturally.

Fears that no-one should have…

Nothing has me running for the hills more than coins. If I touch a coin and it is sticky I literally want to curl up in a ball and wait for death. Melodramatic, I know. Don’t even get me started on if that coin has an unidentified substance on it…

I have a fear of being pooped on by birds that may fly over. I’m not fond of birds in general, they are weird… their “ears” freak me out. I understand cats.

Sitting in the back of a 3 door car… How am I supposed to escape in the event of an accident? I will climb over you and leave you right there in your comfy front seat.

Don’t touch my ears. I have 3 piercings in each and your grimy hands may cause an infection.

I also don’t get bitten by mozzies – unless they have no other option or victims. Apparently my blood type isn’t on the menu much. However, I can hear them coming a mile away and will always be out to kill ‘em.

I used to be left-handed, but broke my arm when I was a kid. My right side is now dominant, but I swop easily between the two sides…I just can’t write with my left hand.

I don’t cry at funerals, but always opt to wear oversized sunglasses so as not to upset anyone that might be emotional. I also don’t walk into my front door and turn my back on it while pulling it shut, I don’t want any spirits to feel like I’m inviting them in.

I have zero tolerance for bullies. As a teenager I beat up a bully – it was a guy that all the little kids feared. As an adult I stood up to the worst managers that even the rest of the management team was scared of.

I don’t mind being lost when I have a view, but being lost in a crowded place…freak out!

What are your strange habits and fears?


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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